Cool Cat Creations…

Imageidentikat cats

Identikat is an amazing, award winning app I came across. It allows students to create cats using unusual, everyday objects; making their own puzzles. The graphics are colourful and engaging. The site invites students to share their creations building confidence and self esteem through online collage, which can then come to life! By choosing the print menu, you are directed to printables that can be cut out for students to make their own tactile picture. (Great for fine motor skills) Students can name their art work and choose to share it via social media or email by answering a maths question. Options are located by pressing the ‘Kat?’ button on the homepage and include: background music and meows. Students can also create ‘postcards’ they can share with their friends.

This is a really fun, interactive and engaging activity that fosters creativity and imagination while learning. Love it!

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